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Darien Lake Concert Series

The Darien Lake Concert Series Schedule and Rules

Outside of Buffalo to the east a bit you will find a popular  entertainment center with the  Darien Lake Amusement Park and Darien Lake Performing Arts Center.  Since 1990 concert goers from all around upstate New York and Ontario Canada look forward to the Darien Lake concert series  each summer. 

When full, there well be 21,600 fans in the Center watching some of the top tours of the summer perform live. There are lots of reserved seats and  the chance to sit out on the Lawn as well.  If you do not include football stadiums, it is the largest outdoor music venue in upstate New York.

Darien Lake upcoming concerts rules

In general the  for the Darien Lake upcoming concerts rules all you need is some common sense and common courtesy and a dab of safety and respect for the rights the artists have to their own music.  Call (585) 599-5040 on the day of the concert for specifics rules for your concert.
  • Children
    • YES: 2 and under free  on per lap of paying adult
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: One sealed plastic water bottle
    • YES: Small food items in a soft sided six pack sized cooler
    • NO: Outside food or beverages
    • NO: Alcohol
  • Containers
    • NO: Coolers or ice chests
  • Electronics
    • YES:  small personal cameras
    • NO: removable lenses
    • NO: flash photography
    • NO: Laser anything
    • NO: video recording
    • NO: audio recording
  • Accessories
    • PROBABLY: Lawn chairs but not for the larger shows
    • PROBABLY: Blankets but not for larger shows
    • NO: weapons, drugs,  skates, wallet chains,  banners, flyers, beach balls, frisbees, fireworks,

Darien Lake Concerts Schedule

The Darien concert schedule starts to come together in January with  new shows being booked ongoing through the spring.  By April you will have a good idea of what is to come, but there are always tours that do not announce until later on with dates later in the summer or fall.  Country shows are often booked early on as Darien Lake Country Megaticket is offered, and they go on sale the end of January usually.

Expect the Darien Lake calendar to begin the end of May and go through Labor Day weekend with shows each weekend and  concerts mid-week as well. This is a busy place during the summer concert season.

With Live Nation behind things you know the big tours of the summer will include Darien Lake as one of their stops.   Country tours usually bring along some of the rising stars in support and you might have noticed many of the pop and rock stars are teaming up for the summers and touring together, which makes for some interesting match ups and the fans get double or sometimes triple for the price of one ticket.

Aaron's Amphitheater Concert Schedule

Aaron's Amphitheatre Schedule  and Rules

Summer in Atlanta means concerts in the suburb Lakewood at Aaron's Amphitheatre which many still just call Lakewood Amphitheatre. It has been on the scene since 1989 and is a favorite with many artists with state of the art sound and lighting systems.  You can fit 19,000 fans 7,000 of them sitting in reserved seats,  and the rest are Lawn seating. You can expect a full schedule of the high profile artists on tour this summer to be part of the Aaron's Amphitheatre schedule.

Aaron's Amphitheater Concerts Rules

Concert goers rules of thumb are always safety, courtesy and common sense.  Keep those in mind an you should be good. Many rules are direct from the performers, like with recording and photography rules, others have to do with site lines so all patrons can see the stage.   This is a rain or shine facility and once you enter you cannot leave without buying a new ticket.  Most venues only let your bring in a small pack, purse  but expect it to be searched. When in doubt, call the venue directly on the day of the show 404-443-5090 or check their Facebook page the the specifics for your concert.
Events will stick to schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Children
    • YES: 2 and over require a ticket
    • NO: Strollers
  • Clothes
    • YES: Wear clothes
    • YES: Shoes required
    • NO: Umbrellas bring a poncho or raincoat 
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: One sealed water bottle per ticket 
    • YES: Empty water bottle
    • NO: Outside food
    • NO: Outside beverages ( except the water )
    • YES: Concessions on site
    • MAY-BE:  Alcohol sold  on site, possibly in a cup only.  Artists may request no alcohol.
  • Containers
    • NO: Coolers or baskets
    • NO: Backpacks
  • Electronics 
    • YES: Personal cameras unless artist says no
    • NO: Removable lens
    • NO: Flash Photography
    • NO: Video Recorders
    • NO: Audio Recorders
    • NO: Tablets
    • NO: Lasers
  • Accessories
    • MAYBE: Lawn Chairs 
      • Sometimes low profile 9 inch high are allowed in.  
      • Sometimes lawn chairs rentals that meet height specs
      • Decision up to venue and artist.
    • USUALLY: Blankets
    • NO: Weapons
    • NO: Illegal Drugs
    • NO: Fireworks
    • NO: Projectiles

Aaron's Amphitheater Concert Schedule Info

Usually the groups and artists touring over the summer start to book their venues in January. The country artists get there stuff in early so they can be part of the Country Megaticket Aaron's Amphitheatre offer where one tickets gets you in to all the country concerts this season. New shows are added in earnest through March and April, but there will always be tours that begin the end of the summer and into the fall that do not announce until later.

Concerts on the Aaron's Amphitheatre concert schedule run from May through October, most weekends and during the summer months you will find some week night shows. Many of the artists are joining forces and touring together over the summer which makes for some interesting combinations of styles. This is great for the concert goers as you get more for your money. Most of the country stars bring some of the younger up and coming singers along to open for them which is a real boost for their careers. Many of the big name country stars on the circuit this year were opening for someone else a few years ago.


Coral Sky Amphitheater Concert Schedule

Coral Sky Amphitheater Schedule and Rules

If you want to go to an outdoor concert in West Palm Beach, Coral Sky Amphitheater is the place to go. Built in 1996 on the South Florida Fairgrounds it gives you a scenic look over West Palm Beach. You can fit 19,000 fans in this venue with over half on the lawn and the rest reserved seats in the pavilion. Its design is flexible so the whole stage and viewing area can be adapted to SRO Festivals and concerts.

With Live Nation  as the operator the Coral Sky Amphitheater schedule brings in  high profile tours and festivals each summer. They participate in the Country Megaticket program so fans can buy on ticket and see all the country show on the schedule this year.

Buy Coral Sky Amphitheater tickets for this season here

Coral Sky Amphitheater Concerts Rules

The rules for any concert venue center around safety and common sense and courtesy.  Camera and recording rules come directly from the artists themselves as they own the rights to their own music.  Some rules are based on site lines, to prevent people from blocking the views of those behind them. Know that there is no re-entry once you are in you stay in. Smoking in permitted only in lawn area  NO smoking in pavilions seats.  Some artists may have more liberal electronic usage. Call 561-795-8883 the day of the concert to clarify any rules.

  • Children
    • YES: 2 and over need a ticket.  Under 2 get a child pass from the box office
  • Clothing:
    • YES: Shoes and Shirts required
    • NO chains or wallet chains
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: in clear plastic gallon bags
    • YES: One sealed bottle of water per person
    • YES: Food vendors and trucks on the grounds
    • NO: Alcohol
    • NO: Bottles or Cans
    • YES: Tailgating but without alcohol and you must clean up your space (Florida Law)
  • Containers
    • YES: Backpacks with inspection
    • NO: Coolers
  • Electronics
    • YES: Small personal cameras
    • NO: Flash Photography
    • NO: Video or recording equipment
    • NO: Laser anything- pointers, lights, pens
    • NO: Glow wands
  • Accessories
    • YES: Umbrellas
    • YES: Low profile lawn chairs.
    • YES: Blankets.
    • NO: Weapons of any kind.
    • NO: Illegal Drugs
    • NO: Frisbees
    • NO: Fireworks

Coral Sky Amphitheater Concert Schedule Info

The Coral Sky amphitheater calendar starts to come together in January when different tours start booking their tours. By April the schedule is pretty full but there are always tours that do not announce until late spring and use the late summer and fall dates. Since they are part of the Country Megaticket program, the country acts often are the first to book for the Megaticket sale starting the end of January.

You will find concerts from the beginning of May to the end of October each weekend with weeknight concerts here and there, more so in the summer months. It is common to find concerts on the schedule even in the winter months due to the great climate, although the major tours don't start until late spring.

The Coral Sky Amphitheater schedule always has a blend of the top country stars on tour, pop and rock bands. Many of these groups combine their tours together for the summer which has been popular in the past few years. It is great for concert goers and you get two ( or more) for the price of one and some interesting combinations of talent.  Country stars usually bring along rising stars in support to open for them

Go to the Updated Coral Sky Amphitheater Schedule here


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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Concerts

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Concerts Info and Rules

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is the second most heavily used outdoor music venue in the country with Wolf Trap outside DC the first. It is the summer home to the Houston Symphony, and you can expect an opera and ballet on the schedule as well. It opened in 1990 in The Woodlands, suburb of Houston, Texas. There is seating for 19,500 concert goers with about half on the  lawn, and half reserved under the pavilion. Recent renovations shored it up to sustain hurricane force winds.

Besides some of the favorite operas, ballets and symphony classical and pops concerts, a full line up of some of the top pop or rock stars and Festivals touring this summer will be in Houston. Some big names who are not really touring but do an occasional summer concert choose Houston as they enjoy the venue.

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion concerts rules

You will find that most of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion concerts rules are based on the wishes of the individual artists and by previous experience when the artist or festival was here before and there were problems. You should not the rules for the performing arts( ballet, symphony opera) may differ from rock, country, pop concerts. Often the best idea is to call 281-363-3300 on the day of the concert to double check the rules for that show

Most concert rules are based on commons sense and safety.  You want all people attending the concerts to enjoy themselves without disruptive behavior like throwing people or things or having their views of the stage obstructed. Dancing on the chairs or in the aisles is not allowed.

Restrictions with electronics come directly from the artists as they hold on to the rights to their own music.

Expect to be searched as you enter any Cynthia Woods Pavilion concert and once you are in you need to stay in.

Buzzfest has its own set of rules  See below
  • Children
    • LAWN: 5 and under free when accompanied by adult with a ticket
    • RESERVED: Under 3 free 3 and older must buy a ticket and sit in a seat
      SPECIAL CHILDREN'S SHOWS:  Age 2 + older need a ticket for Reserved and Lawn
    • NO: Strollers
    • NO: Portable playpens on the Lawn
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: 1 gallon plastic bag of food for personal use at contemporary, no number limit for performing arts.
    • YES: Concession stands on the property
    • NO: Tailgating in the parking lot
    • NO: Beverages allowed to be brought in
    • YES: Empty water bottle with no lid. You can fill it up at water fountains on the grounds.
  • Containers
    • May-BE: Purses, backpacks may be allowed with inspection  with some exceptions.
    • NO: You may not leave them at the information booth.
    • YES: Bath Towels to sit on in the Lawn
    • NO: Blankets for concerts with a history of misusing them
  • Electronics
    • NO: Photography at  Performing Arts Houston Symphony, Ballet or Opera
    • YES: Cameras, every day regular ones without flash or take apart lenses at contemporary concerts
    • NO: Audio recording ever
    • NO: Video recording ever
    • NO: Laptops, tablets, Kindles etc
    • NO: Laser pointers or pend
    • NO: Portable TV or Radio
    • NO: Selfie Sticks
  • Accessories
    • PROBABLY NOT: Umbrellas decision based on past history. Best to bring ponchos or raincoats
    • YES: Lawn Chairs that THEY provide for a fee at contemporary and free at performing arts. This assures they are low enough not to block views.
    • NO: Smoking in reserved area
    • YES Smoking in Lawn and concession area
    • NO: Weapons
    • NO: Fireworks
    • NO:  Aerosol can bug spray. 
    • YES: Pump Bug Spray and Wipes
    • NO: Animals
    • NO: Balloons
    • NO: Signs
  • BUZZFEST RULES:  and probably most all day Festivals
    • NO:blankets, tarps, towels, umbrellas, or lawn chairs. 
    • NO  food or beverages 
    • NO Bottles of any kind 
    • NO: Purses, backpacks, or bags larger than an 8.5" x 11"
    • NO: professional (detachable lens) cameras, video or audio recording devices. 
    • NO: chains, spikes, mace, binoculars or laser pointers.
    • NO weapons. 
    • NO: signs.
    • NO: RE-ENTRY.
Cynthia Woods Pavilion Concert Schedule

You can start looking for the Cynthia Woods Mitchell calendar to start filling up in January with new acts added all the time. The Performing Arts Ballet Opera and Symphony will be listed by April at the latest. Expect about seven Symphony concerts and one ballet and opera each summer. They will be lite fair or fan favorites. The rest of the contemporary shows are pretty much set by March or April but new tours will be added as the season opens for some of the late summer and fall dates.

You will find concerts schedule each Thursday through Saturday from mid April to the end of October. With mid-week concerts thrown in here and there, mainly in the summer months once school is out.

Many of the top high profile acts touring this summer will join the by Cynthia Woods Pavilion concert schedule this summer, including an outstanding mixture of performing arts, rock, country and pop stars and of course Festivals. You may have noticed the current trend of two or three headliners combing forces to tour together. This makes for two-fer for the fans, and the artists enjoy the collaborations and the cost saving it involves. Others still follow the traditional concert format with one headliner and several opening support act introducing newer younger up and coming artist to the masses.

We have the updated Cynthia Woods Mitchell concert schedule here

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Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule & Info

Oak Mountain Amphitheater concert schedule and rules


South of Birmingham near Pelham AL is the largest outdoor music venue in Alabama,  Oak Mountain Amphitheater, located in the beautiful surroundings of Oak Mountain State Park. All of the 10,500 seats are reserved, so no lawn seats at this place, but everyone gets a seat to make it more comfy in tiered seating in the natural amphitheater setting in the beautiful state park.

Live Nation is the promoter for this venue   so you can be sure some of the high profile acts touring this year will be on this year's Oak Mountain amphitheater schedule. The Country Megaticket is available for this summer with one ticket good for all the country artists on the schedule which is a good deal for people wanting to go to several country concerts this summer.

Oak Mountain Amphitheater Rules

The Rules for any summer outdoor concert venue are all centered around safety and a positive concert experience for those attending.  The rule of thumb is common courtesy focusing on not doing anything to block the view of a person behind you or loud noisy behavior during the show. It doesn't matter what rules the venue says, this should be what you think of.   The artists hold the rights to their own music so unless they tell you from the stage, you cannot record audio or video.  Flash photography and laser lights are distracting to those on stage so is un-cool. For Oak Mountain you also have the State Park rules to consider.

Here is a specific list of rules listed on their website:
  • Age:  
    • children are welcome but must have a ticket and be with an adult
    • NO: Strollers however
  • Food and Drink
    • NO: outside food
    • NO: outside beverages
    • NO: alcohol
  • Containers:
    • NO: Backpacks
  • Electronics
    • YES: Basic Cameras
    • NO: Removable lenses
    • NO: Flash Photography
    • NO: Video
    • NO: Laser Pointers
  • Accessories
    • NO: Umbrellas  bring a raincoat or poncho instead
    • NO: Weapons
    • NO: Sharp Objects  of any kind, like those spiked key chains or betlst
    • YES: Smoking

The Oak Mountain Amphitheater Concert Schedule

If  it is the month of January, you can start looking for the Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule for the current year.  Country acts usually are set first to get on the Country Megaticket list, other pop and rock tours book early as well  but the whole spring will see new acts added to the list. Some tours do not announce until later for August and September concerts.

You will find weekend concerts on the schedule from the beginning of May to the beginning of October with some Thursday shows thrown in.   Many tours have started to join forces and have two or even three headliners tour together which can be fun musically and saves tour costs.  Others bring along up and coming artists giving them valuable exposure.  Either way you get your money's worth.

Go to the most current Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule


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Xfinity Center Mansfield Schedule

Xfinity Center  Mansfield Events and Rules

The Xfinity Center Mansfield is a regional outdoor summer concert amphitheater within 40 miles of Boston, Worcester, Cape Cod and Providence RI located in southeast Massachusetts. It opened in 1986 and was originally called Great Woods before all the sponsorship names kicked in with these venues. Currently there is room for just shy of 20,000 fans  with reserved, lawn and general admission tickets available.

From Mid-May through September you will find many of the top country, pop and rock tours and festivals on the circuit in the summers stop by Mansfield filling the venue for each concert.

Buy  this year's Xfinity Center concert Tickets today 

Most summer outdoor concert venues have rules and policies set up to make the concert going experience safe and enjoyable for all of their patrons. The rule of thumb is common sense and courtesy, but unfortunately some people need this spelled out for them. The recording rules come from the artists or promoters themselves and their rights to their own music. Flash photography and laser pointers are big distractions to those on stage so those rules come from them too. When there is an on site vendor for food and drink, there are limits to what they let your bring in.

In general the concerts go on rain or shine as the artists are under the pavilion.Umbrellas are often discouraged out on the law due to site line issues, so bring a tarp poncho or raincoat, even if not stated, those behind you will be glad. Call (508) 339-2333 to clarify any rules.

Xfinity Center Mansfield Rules

  • Food and Drink
    • YES: in 1 gallon bags in soft coolers
    • YES: Water 1 bottle, factory sealed, per person
    • YES: Food and Beverage vendors on site
    • YES: Alcohol but only if purchased on site with ID
  • Containers
    • YES: Backpacks subject to search at any time
    • YES: small soft coolers ( 6 pack size)
    • NO: Large containers of any sort
  • Electronic Devices
    • YES: Cameras without removable lenses or video
    • NO: Recording equipment unless venue pre-approval for professionals.
    • NO: Laser Pointers or pens
  • Accessories
    • NO: Lawn Chairs
    • NO Weapons
    • NO Smoking in reserved seating areas 
Xfinity Center Mansfield Schedule

The schedule for the Xfinity Center Mansfield events starts to come together around January with new acts being added all the time. the bulk is usually set by April but it is not unheard of to have tours announcing later in the spring for some late summer or fall dates. Many of the country artists are the first to book as they take part in the Country Megaticket program that goes on sale in January or early February. Those tickets have the reputation of selling out quickly.

The summer schedule start around the middle of May and will go through September with at least 36 concerts each season. In May, June and September concerts are mainly on Thursday through Sunday, and in July and August you will have concerts mid week as well. Most events are rain or shine

The schedule will always feature the top acts touring the country each summer. Country stars, rock bands, Festivals and pop acts all tour and will stop by Mansfield. You will notice in recent years a lot a groups or individual artist co-headline concerts. Musicians enjoy the collaboration and takes some stress and costs by sharing the stage. Country stars and other too tend to bring along up and coming manes in the business in support to open for their shows. This is the best exposure you could ask for. You certainly get your moneys worth with these outdoor venues.

Here is your up-to-date most current Xfinity Center Mansfield Schedule

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USANA Amphitheater Concert Schedule

Rules for shows on the USANA Concert schedule

USANA concert tickets
The USANA Amphitheater or the Greenest Show in Utah is Salt Lake City's contribution to the summer outdoor concert venues. It features a beautiful view of the  Wasatch Mountains from your seats in the  southwest suburb of West Valley. Most people just call it USANA Amp.  There is room for 20,000 concert goers with 7,000 of those people in reserved seats and the rest relaxing on the blankets our on the lawn to see any of the shows on the USANA concert schedule.

Built in 2003, USANA green initiatives in construction and practice gave it the Greenest Show title. Sustainability efforts have caused quite a stir in the Recycling world. During the 2013 season, 12 tons of materials were recycled which means a significant landfill space is saved. This would be a great feat for any venue but they went the extra mile with  green construction doing things like building without cutting down unnecessary mature trees and with water and energy initiative saving 84,000 gallons of water, 2,629 gallons of gas,4,560 gallons of oil resulting in 48,000 kilowatts of energy and 3,000 pounds of CO2 ( according to Rocky Mountain Recycling).

USANA Concert Schedule Rules 
In general rules for concerts center around common sense and safety with the ultimate goal of an enjoyable experience for everyone. The days of loud parties on the lawn are long gone. Most places do not let you exit and renter so be sure you bring everything you need in with you. Most artists hold their rights to their music and performances close so pictures and recording are not allowed. Occasionally they will allow it, and they will tell you. 

Food and drink is on area that varies from venue to venue, at USANA you can only buy and eat food you pay for inside the gates, and you can't party in the parking lot either.  You could eat your fast food in your car before entering, but no alcohol or tailgate cooking. There are two ATMS near the concessions.

The best thing to do no matter what venue you go to, sports or entertainment is to bring yourself and a secure way to bring your cell phone, drivers license, credit card and cash If you sit on the lawn bring a blanket. Keep it simple
    • YES: Wear clothes and shoes
    • YES: Rain coats 
    • NO Umbrellas 
    • NO: wallet chains
    • NO: spiked bracelets and belts
  • FOOD and DRINK
    • NO: food or drink carried into the venue
    • NO: coolers
    • YES: concessions and alcohol can be purchased on site
    • YES: vender accept credit cards, but cash preferred
    •  NO: tailgating in parking lot either, including open fire and alcohol
    • NO: Backpacks
    • NO: coolers or bottles or containers of any sort
    • NO: Flash Photography unless specifically stated by the artist
    • NO: Recording Devices unless specifically stated by the artict
    • NO: Video Recording Devices unless specifically stated by the artist
    • YES: blankets
    • NO: metal lawn chairs
    • NO: Strollers
    • YES: stadium seats with no legs or any  metal 
    • NO: weapons
    • NO: drugs
    • NO fireworks 
  • Call the box office directly to clarify 801.355.5522

USANA Amphitheater Concert Schedule INFO

The USANA amphitheater schedule starts to come together in January and new tours are booked a lot through April, but you can always have concerts added to the end of the season with tours that are not announced until later.  Country tours seem to be announced first, probably because they are part of the Country Megaticket program that go on sale the end of January.  Concerts are scheduled May through September most weekends, with week night shows added in the summer but you might still find them in May or September

You will find a mixture of concerts on the USANA Amphitheater concert schedule  with country, rock and pop artists. You can always expect many of the top high profile tours of the summer to stop by Salt Lake City. A new trend in the concert season is for two headliners to team up  which saves on back door costs.  Country super stars are known to include younger musicians on the rise in their tour support team.

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Hollywood Casino Maryland Heights Schedule

Hollywoood Casino Amphitheatre Schedule and Rules

The Outdoor summer concert venue in Maryland Heights, Missouri outside St Louis  is currently called Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.  The most recent name was Verizon Wireless. It can hold about 20,00 people with about 7,00 with reserved seating and the rest Lawn  seating. It host many of the top tours on the country, pop and rock summer circuit along with some Festivals from time to time. Hollywood Casino Maryland Heights is a popular spot for fans in the Greater St Louis area..

Hollywood Casino Amphitheater Rules

There are certain expectations for most venues, some list them on websites others like Hollywood Casino  do not. In general the first rule for most concert goers is common courtesy, you do not want to do anything that will interfere with the enjoyment of the concert by others.   You can expect the possibility of checking any backpacks or containers you bring in. if sitting in the reserved seats you are expected to sit in the seat you bought. Lawn chairs should probably the lower to ground ones so people in back of you can see. and for lawn tickets blankets are a great idea to help keep the moisture from the grass off of your things.

There are usually no flash photography rules at the request of the musicians, and copyright and legal issues prevent recording any of the music, again this would come from the tour. Occasionally an artist will allow these things, but the rule of thumb is don't unless your are told by the artist from the stage.

Legends Sports Entertainment Services is the vendor for the venue where you can buy beer, soda, wine coolers, frozen drinks, hot dogs, ice cream, candy, pretzels, popcorn, nachos,  and other things along those lines.

 Call the venue directly (314) 298-9944 for specifics about bringing food in, smoking policies

Hollywood Casino Amphitheater Schedule

Bookings for Hollywood Casino Amphitheater concert schedule start showing up in January when the country tours booked in order to get listed on the Country Megaticket that goes on sale the end of January.( and sells out early).  From then on the rest of the tours book and by the end of March  you have a pretty good idea of which  artist are touring in the summer. Traditional shows are always being added until the start of the season or even later.

You can expect concerts each weekend of the summer starting around the middle of May. They are always the first ones booked. Midweek concerts may be added. There are usually at least one or two concerts booked for week nights as well.

High profile tours are always on the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater schedule with a mixture of country, rock and pop artists. All day Festivals are also part of the schedule like the Vans Warped Tour is an annual thing.  In recent years  artists are choosing to combine two stars into one tour which saves on tor cost and back stage staff etc and gives the fans a two-fer..  Country super stars tend to bring the younger musicians just starting out giving them great exposure.

Wolf Trap Schedule Events Vienna VA

Wolf Trap Event Schedule and Rules for Filene Center Summer Season

Wolf Trap summer schedule
The Filene Center is the indoor outdoor venue of the overall Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts that is located in Wolf Trap National Park near Vienna Virgina, a western DC suburb. The Wolf Trap event schedule runs from May to early September  featuring a wide mixture of styles and genres including opera, ballet, symphonies, musicals, country and pop or rock musicians on tour.  There are only room for 7,000 people with about half in seats under cover and the other half out on the lawn. Due to the size it sells out regularly. Most outdoor venues are twice that size.

Wolf Trap Filene Center Rules

 Due to the fact that the Filene Center is on the grounds of a National Park,  the rules for those attending concerts on the Wolf Trap summer schedule are stricter than other venues. Because it is part of a PAC, concert etiquette matches a theater, for the covered areas in particular so...
  1. If you are late, you will have to wait and be seated between numbers, acts or movements.
  2. You must sit in the seat listed on your ticket
  3. These seating polices may differ between covered seating areas and lawn seats.
  4. Aisles, stairways,or sight lines  cannot be blocked at any time during performances.
  5. No Smoking  inside the grounds, e-cigarettes only in lawn areas. There are designated smoking areas outside the gate
  6. There is a strict no tolerance policy for behavior, loud conversations while the performance is going on, overall noise etc that bothers other people. You will be escorted from the facility with no refund by the park rangers.
Wolf Trap Yes and NO's
  • All concert goers need tickets no matter what their age.
    • YES: Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • FOOD and DRINK:
    • Covered Area:
      • Water only in covered seating sections
    • Lawn Area:
      • YES:  food in coolers
      • NO: open fires or cooking devices.
    • YES: Bags, backpacks with size restrictions, so go with regular sized. They will be inspected.
    • YES: Coolers containers with inspection but can only be taken to the lawn seating area.
    • PROBABLY NOT: Cameras even with no flash, However certain artists may allow photographs without flash. The ushers will tell you as they seat you.
    • NO: Recording devices of any sort-- this is a legal issue with the artists.
    • NO: cell phone, pagers etc rings  must be turned off or on vibrate
    • YES: Lawn chairs behind the designated sign to preserve sight lines
    • YES: Blankets in front of the signs
    • NO: Pets
      • YES: Service animals for disabled patrons
    • NO: Weapons

Wolf Trap Schedule Events Information

The summer concerts for Wolf Trap Virginia  schedule in the Filene Center is released gradually starting in January. Usually the operas, ballets, Broadway Musical and symphonies are booked first and  then the summer tours are fit in. Often country  artists are the first ones to book their tours as many of them participate in the Country Megaticket  system which needs to be set by the end of January.  Tour bookings continue through the rest of the off-season and by April you have a pretty good idea of who will be touring, but new acts may be added to open dates even up to the first weeks of the season.

You can expect concerts each weekend  and at least three weekdays starting the end of May. Several events will be scheduled on multiple days to make up for the venue size.

Garrison Keillor: A Prairie Home Companion usually starts off the season with two nights, one a live broadcast. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is also usually on the Wolf Trap event schedule. The National Symphony Orchestra plays 8-10 concerts a mixture of pops and classical favorites. The Wolf Trap Opera Company  usually puts on a show and expect a Ballet company and a Broadway Musical on Tour to be booked for a long weekend with two shows on Saturday and Sunday. Although it has been common for a long time to have a pop, rock or country headliner and and up and coming artist along in support, in  recent years a trend with some summer tours is to combine two headliners together into one tour. It can make for an interesting mix of styles and genres.

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    Tuesday, April 14, 2015

    First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Info

    First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Rules and General Information

    Since it opened in 1990, First Midwest Amphitheater is one of the largest music venues in greater Chicago metropolitan area located in Tinley Park in south Chicago. It can hold up to 28,000 spectators with sections down close to the stage,  in the balcony to the left and right of the stage and out on the lawn.

    Over the years some of the biggest rock, country and pop tours and festivals in the business have performed here in Tinley Park. Currently Live Nation owns and operates the amphitheater guaranteeing the booking of some of the top tours. They also participate in the Country Megaticket program where fans can buy one ticket and get into all the top country shows of the summer.

    If you want to enjoy the concert, you need to be aware of the Tinley Park concert venue rules and follow them. In general  the rules are common courtesy, common sense and keeping all fans comfortable and safe.  Most concerts are rain or shine as the stage is under cover.

    In general, except for water and snacks you buy food and drinks inside the venue. In addition they do not want anything you do or bring to impede the view of others so Lawn chairs can only by 9" high, forget big signs or banners, and bring a raincoat because umbrellas block views.

    There all sorts of issue for electronic devices.  Many are legal with copyright issues to the music, and others are courtesy to the performers with no distractions like flash photography or laser lights.

    First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Rules

    • Age: There are no age restriction, under 2 is free admission. Parents need to make judgements about appropriateness of the concert for their kids.
    • Clothes:
      • YES: wear clothes (appropriate to the weather) 
      • YES: blankets
      • YES: raincoats or ponchos
      • NO: Skates
    • Containers.  
      • YES: soft pack  six-pack sized lunch bag
      • PROBABLY: Back packs-- for some events they may not be allowed.
      • NO: Ice chest
      • YES: diaper bag if you have a child with you
    • Food and Drink: 
      • YES: Snack food only in clear plastic gallon bag or in a 6pack sized soft cooler.
      • YES: Water in factory sealed container gallon size or less.
      • NO: Food from the outside like fast food , carry out etc.
      • NO:  Soft Drinks, Juice etc at all
      • NO: Alcohol or drugs
    • Accessories
      • YES: Beach Chairs Low to ground- no more than 9" above the ground
      • YES: Personal Cameras with NO flash or removable lenses
      • NO: Laser Pointers
      • NO: wallet chains
      • NO: recording devices audio or video
      • NO: Frisbees, Beach Balls etc,
      • NO: Fireworks
      • NO: weapons

    First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Schedule

    The Schedule for First Midwest Bank Amphitheater  starts to come together in January when the summer tours begin booking venues. Often the country tours are booked first because the Country Megaticket goes on sale the end of January. By March you have a pretty good idea of who will be touring, but new acts are added  until the season starts  and even later acts can be added to the end of the schedule.

    You can expect concerts each weekend starting around Memorial Day. They are always the first ones booked. Midweek concerts may be added

    Top acts are always on the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater schedule with a mixture of country, rock and pop artists. All day Festivals are also part of the schedule like the Vans Warped Tour is an annual thing.  In recent years artists have been teaming up with two stars touring together to save on costs and back stage staff.  Country super stars bring along up and coming musicians in support giving them great exposure. A few years ago Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton were support acts and now are major headliners.


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