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Coral Sky Amphitheater Concert Schedule

Coral Sky Amphitheater Schedule and Rules

If you want to go to an outdoor concert in West Palm Beach, Coral Sky Amphitheater is the place to go. Built in 1996 on the South Florida Fairgrounds it gives you a scenic look over West Palm Beach. You can fit 19,000 fans in this venue with over half on the lawn and the rest reserved seats in the pavilion. Its design is flexible so the whole stage and viewing area can be adapted to SRO Festivals and concerts.

With Live Nation  as the operator the Coral Sky Amphitheater schedule brings in  high profile tours and festivals each summer. They participate in the Country Megaticket program so fans can buy on ticket and see all the country show on the schedule this year.

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Coral Sky Amphitheater Concerts Rules

The rules for any concert venue center around safety and common sense and courtesy.  Camera and recording rules come directly from the artists themselves as they own the rights to their own music.  Some rules are based on site lines, to prevent people from blocking the views of those behind them. Know that there is no re-entry once you are in you stay in. Smoking in permitted only in lawn area  NO smoking in pavilions seats.  Some artists may have more liberal electronic usage. Call 561-795-8883 the day of the concert to clarify any rules.

  • Children
    • YES: 2 and over need a ticket.  Under 2 get a child pass from the box office
  • Clothing:
    • YES: Shoes and Shirts required
    • NO chains or wallet chains
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: in clear plastic gallon bags
    • YES: One sealed bottle of water per person
    • YES: Food vendors and trucks on the grounds
    • NO: Alcohol
    • NO: Bottles or Cans
    • YES: Tailgating but without alcohol and you must clean up your space (Florida Law)
  • Containers
    • YES: Backpacks with inspection
    • NO: Coolers
  • Electronics
    • YES: Small personal cameras
    • NO: Flash Photography
    • NO: Video or recording equipment
    • NO: Laser anything- pointers, lights, pens
    • NO: Glow wands
  • Accessories
    • YES: Umbrellas
    • YES: Low profile lawn chairs.
    • YES: Blankets.
    • NO: Weapons of any kind.
    • NO: Illegal Drugs
    • NO: Frisbees
    • NO: Fireworks

Coral Sky Amphitheater Concert Schedule Info

The Coral Sky amphitheater calendar starts to come together in January when different tours start booking their tours. By April the schedule is pretty full but there are always tours that do not announce until late spring and use the late summer and fall dates. Since they are part of the Country Megaticket program, the country acts often are the first to book for the Megaticket sale starting the end of January.

You will find concerts from the beginning of May to the end of October each weekend with weeknight concerts here and there, more so in the summer months. It is common to find concerts on the schedule even in the winter months due to the great climate, although the major tours don't start until late spring.

The Coral Sky Amphitheater schedule always has a blend of the top country stars on tour, pop and rock bands. Many of these groups combine their tours together for the summer which has been popular in the past few years. It is great for concert goers and you get two ( or more) for the price of one and some interesting combinations of talent.  Country stars usually bring along rising stars in support to open for them

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