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Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule & Info

Oak Mountain Amphitheater concert schedule and rules

South of Birmingham near Pelham AL is the largest outdoor music venue in Alabama,  Oak Mountain Amphitheater, located in the beautiful surroundings of Oak Mountain State Park. All of the 10,500 seats are reserved, so no lawn seats at this place, but everyone gets a seat to make it more comfy in tiered seating in the natural amphitheater setting in the beautiful state park.

Live Nation is the promoter for this venue   so you can be sure some of the high profile acts touring this year will be on this year's Oak Mountain amphitheater schedule. The Country Megaticket is available for this summer with one ticket good for all the country artists on the schedule which is a good deal for people wanting to go to several country concerts this summer.

Oak Mountain Amphitheater Rules

The Rules for any summer outdoor concert venue are all centered around safety and a positive concert experience for those attending.  The rule of thumb is common courtesy focusing on not doing anything to block the view of a person behind you or loud noisy behavior during the show. It doesn't matter what rules the venue says, this should be what you think of.   The artists hold the rights to their own music so unless they tell you from the stage, you cannot record audio or video.  Flash photography and laser lights are distracting to those on stage so is un-cool. For Oak Mountain you also have the State Park rules to consider.

Here is a specific list of rules listed on their website:
  • Age:  
    • children are welcome but must have a ticket and be with an adult
    • NO: Strollers however
  • Food and Drink
    • NO: outside food
    • NO: outside beverages
    • NO: alcohol
  • Containers:
    • NO: Backpacks
  • Electronics
    • YES: Basic Cameras
    • NO: Removable lenses
    • NO: Flash Photography
    • NO: Video
    • NO: Laser Pointers
  • Accessories
    • NO: Umbrellas  bring a raincoat or poncho instead
    • NO: Weapons
    • NO: Sharp Objects  of any kind, like those spiked key chains or betlst
    • YES: Smoking

The Oak Mountain Amphitheater Concert Schedule

If  it is the month of January, you can start looking for the Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule for the current year.  Country acts usually are set first to get on the Country Megaticket list, other pop and rock tours book early as well  but the whole spring will see new acts added to the list. Some tours do not announce until later for August and September concerts.

You will find weekend concerts on the schedule from the beginning of May to the beginning of October with some Thursday shows thrown in.   Many tours have started to join forces and have two or even three headliners tour together which can be fun musically and saves tour costs.  Others bring along up and coming artists giving them valuable exposure.  Either way you get your money's worth.

Go to the most current Oak Mountain Amphitheater Schedule

Photo credit: Ernest_G / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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