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First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Info

First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Rules and General Information

Since it opened in 1990, First Midwest Amphitheater is one of the largest music venues in greater Chicago metropolitan area located in Tinley Park in south Chicago. It can hold up to 28,000 spectators with sections down close to the stage,  in the balcony to the left and right of the stage and out on the lawn.

Over the years some of the biggest rock, country and pop tours and festivals in the business have performed here in Tinley Park. Currently Live Nation owns and operates the amphitheater guaranteeing the booking of some of the top tours. They also participate in the Country Megaticket program where fans can buy one ticket and get into all the top country shows of the summer.

If you want to enjoy the concert, you need to be aware of the Tinley Park concert venue rules and follow them. In general  the rules are common courtesy, common sense and keeping all fans comfortable and safe.  Most concerts are rain or shine as the stage is under cover.

In general, except for water and snacks you buy food and drinks inside the venue. In addition they do not want anything you do or bring to impede the view of others so Lawn chairs can only by 9" high, forget big signs or banners, and bring a raincoat because umbrellas block views.

There all sorts of issue for electronic devices.  Many are legal with copyright issues to the music, and others are courtesy to the performers with no distractions like flash photography or laser lights.

First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Rules

  • Age: There are no age restriction, under 2 is free admission. Parents need to make judgements about appropriateness of the concert for their kids.
  • Clothes:
    • YES: wear clothes (appropriate to the weather) 
    • YES: blankets
    • YES: raincoats or ponchos
    • NO: Skates
  • Containers.  
    • YES: soft pack  six-pack sized lunch bag
    • PROBABLY: Back packs-- for some events they may not be allowed.
    • NO: Ice chest
    • YES: diaper bag if you have a child with you
  • Food and Drink: 
    • YES: Snack food only in clear plastic gallon bag or in a 6pack sized soft cooler.
    • YES: Water in factory sealed container gallon size or less.
    • NO: Food from the outside like fast food , carry out etc.
    • NO:  Soft Drinks, Juice etc at all
    • NO: Alcohol or drugs
  • Accessories
    • YES: Beach Chairs Low to ground- no more than 9" above the ground
    • YES: Personal Cameras with NO flash or removable lenses
    • NO: Laser Pointers
    • NO: wallet chains
    • NO: recording devices audio or video
    • NO: Frisbees, Beach Balls etc,
    • NO: Fireworks
    • NO: weapons

First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Schedule

The Schedule for First Midwest Bank Amphitheater  starts to come together in January when the summer tours begin booking venues. Often the country tours are booked first because the Country Megaticket goes on sale the end of January. By March you have a pretty good idea of who will be touring, but new acts are added  until the season starts  and even later acts can be added to the end of the schedule.

You can expect concerts each weekend starting around Memorial Day. They are always the first ones booked. Midweek concerts may be added

Top acts are always on the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater schedule with a mixture of country, rock and pop artists. All day Festivals are also part of the schedule like the Vans Warped Tour is an annual thing.  In recent years artists have been teaming up with two stars touring together to save on costs and back stage staff.  Country super stars bring along up and coming musicians in support giving them great exposure. A few years ago Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton were support acts and now are major headliners.


Photo credit: brandonzeman / Foter / CC BY-SA

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