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Wolf Trap Schedule Events Vienna VA

Wolf Trap Event Schedule and Rules for Filene Center Summer Season

Wolf Trap summer schedule
The Filene Center is the indoor outdoor venue of the overall Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts that is located in Wolf Trap National Park near Vienna Virgina, a western DC suburb. The Wolf Trap event schedule runs from May to early September  featuring a wide mixture of styles and genres including opera, ballet, symphonies, musicals, country and pop or rock musicians on tour.  There are only room for 7,000 people with about half in seats under cover and the other half out on the lawn. Due to the size it sells out regularly. Most outdoor venues are twice that size.

Wolf Trap Filene Center Rules

 Due to the fact that the Filene Center is on the grounds of a National Park,  the rules for those attending concerts on the Wolf Trap summer schedule are stricter than other venues. Because it is part of a PAC, concert etiquette matches a theater, for the covered areas in particular so...
  1. If you are late, you will have to wait and be seated between numbers, acts or movements.
  2. You must sit in the seat listed on your ticket
  3. These seating polices may differ between covered seating areas and lawn seats.
  4. Aisles, stairways,or sight lines  cannot be blocked at any time during performances.
  5. No Smoking  inside the grounds, e-cigarettes only in lawn areas. There are designated smoking areas outside the gate
  6. There is a strict no tolerance policy for behavior, loud conversations while the performance is going on, overall noise etc that bothers other people. You will be escorted from the facility with no refund by the park rangers.
Wolf Trap Yes and NO's
  • All concert goers need tickets no matter what their age.
    • YES: Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • FOOD and DRINK:
    • Covered Area:
      • Water only in covered seating sections
    • Lawn Area:
      • YES:  food in coolers
      • NO: open fires or cooking devices.
    • YES: Bags, backpacks with size restrictions, so go with regular sized. They will be inspected.
    • YES: Coolers containers with inspection but can only be taken to the lawn seating area.
    • PROBABLY NOT: Cameras even with no flash, However certain artists may allow photographs without flash. The ushers will tell you as they seat you.
    • NO: Recording devices of any sort-- this is a legal issue with the artists.
    • NO: cell phone, pagers etc rings  must be turned off or on vibrate
    • YES: Lawn chairs behind the designated sign to preserve sight lines
    • YES: Blankets in front of the signs
    • NO: Pets
      • YES: Service animals for disabled patrons
    • NO: Weapons

Wolf Trap Schedule Events Information

The summer concerts for Wolf Trap Virginia  schedule in the Filene Center is released gradually starting in January. Usually the operas, ballets, Broadway Musical and symphonies are booked first and  then the summer tours are fit in. Often country  artists are the first ones to book their tours as many of them participate in the Country Megaticket  system which needs to be set by the end of January.  Tour bookings continue through the rest of the off-season and by April you have a pretty good idea of who will be touring, but new acts may be added to open dates even up to the first weeks of the season.

You can expect concerts each weekend  and at least three weekdays starting the end of May. Several events will be scheduled on multiple days to make up for the venue size.

Garrison Keillor: A Prairie Home Companion usually starts off the season with two nights, one a live broadcast. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is also usually on the Wolf Trap event schedule. The National Symphony Orchestra plays 8-10 concerts a mixture of pops and classical favorites. The Wolf Trap Opera Company  usually puts on a show and expect a Ballet company and a Broadway Musical on Tour to be booked for a long weekend with two shows on Saturday and Sunday. Although it has been common for a long time to have a pop, rock or country headliner and and up and coming artist along in support, in  recent years a trend with some summer tours is to combine two headliners together into one tour. It can make for an interesting mix of styles and genres.

    Photo credit: Gavin St. Ours / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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