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USANA Amphitheater Concert Schedule

Rules for shows on the USANA Concert schedule

USANA concert tickets
The USANA Amphitheater or the Greenest Show in Utah is Salt Lake City's contribution to the summer outdoor concert venues. It features a beautiful view of the  Wasatch Mountains from your seats in the  southwest suburb of West Valley. Most people just call it USANA Amp.  There is room for 20,000 concert goers with 7,000 of those people in reserved seats and the rest relaxing on the blankets our on the lawn to see any of the shows on the USANA concert schedule.

Built in 2003, USANA green initiatives in construction and practice gave it the Greenest Show title. Sustainability efforts have caused quite a stir in the Recycling world. During the 2013 season, 12 tons of materials were recycled which means a significant landfill space is saved. This would be a great feat for any venue but they went the extra mile with  green construction doing things like building without cutting down unnecessary mature trees and with water and energy initiative saving 84,000 gallons of water, 2,629 gallons of gas,4,560 gallons of oil resulting in 48,000 kilowatts of energy and 3,000 pounds of CO2 ( according to Rocky Mountain Recycling).

USANA Concert Schedule Rules 
In general rules for concerts center around common sense and safety with the ultimate goal of an enjoyable experience for everyone. The days of loud parties on the lawn are long gone. Most places do not let you exit and renter so be sure you bring everything you need in with you. Most artists hold their rights to their music and performances close so pictures and recording are not allowed. Occasionally they will allow it, and they will tell you. 

Food and drink is on area that varies from venue to venue, at USANA you can only buy and eat food you pay for inside the gates, and you can't party in the parking lot either.  You could eat your fast food in your car before entering, but no alcohol or tailgate cooking. There are two ATMS near the concessions.

The best thing to do no matter what venue you go to, sports or entertainment is to bring yourself and a secure way to bring your cell phone, drivers license, credit card and cash If you sit on the lawn bring a blanket. Keep it simple
    • YES: Wear clothes and shoes
    • YES: Rain coats 
    • NO Umbrellas 
    • NO: wallet chains
    • NO: spiked bracelets and belts
  • FOOD and DRINK
    • NO: food or drink carried into the venue
    • NO: coolers
    • YES: concessions and alcohol can be purchased on site
    • YES: vender accept credit cards, but cash preferred
    •  NO: tailgating in parking lot either, including open fire and alcohol
    • NO: Backpacks
    • NO: coolers or bottles or containers of any sort
    • NO: Flash Photography unless specifically stated by the artist
    • NO: Recording Devices unless specifically stated by the artict
    • NO: Video Recording Devices unless specifically stated by the artist
    • YES: blankets
    • NO: metal lawn chairs
    • NO: Strollers
    • YES: stadium seats with no legs or any  metal 
    • NO: weapons
    • NO: drugs
    • NO fireworks 
  • Call the box office directly to clarify 801.355.5522

USANA Amphitheater Concert Schedule INFO

The USANA amphitheater schedule starts to come together in January and new tours are booked a lot through April, but you can always have concerts added to the end of the season with tours that are not announced until later.  Country tours seem to be announced first, probably because they are part of the Country Megaticket program that go on sale the end of January.  Concerts are scheduled May through September most weekends, with week night shows added in the summer but you might still find them in May or September

You will find a mixture of concerts on the USANA Amphitheater concert schedule  with country, rock and pop artists. You can always expect many of the top high profile tours of the summer to stop by Salt Lake City. A new trend in the concert season is for two headliners to team up  which saves on back door costs.  Country super stars are known to include younger musicians on the rise in their tour support team.

Photo credit: ArtBrom / Foter / CC BY-SA


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