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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Concerts

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Concerts Info and Rules
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is the second most heavily used outdoor music venue in the country with Wolf Trap outside DC the first. It is the summer home to the Houston Symphony, and you can expect an opera and ballet on the schedule as well. It opened in 1990 in The Woodlands, suburb of Houston, Texas. There is seating for 19,500 concert goers with about half on the  lawn, and half reserved under the pavilion. Recent renovations shored it up to sustain hurricane force winds.

Besides some of the favorite operas, ballets and symphony classical and pops concerts, a full line up of some of the top pop or rock stars and Festivals touring this summer will be in Houston. Some big names who are not really touring but do an occasional summer concert choose Houston as they enjoy the venue.

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion concerts rules

You will find that most of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion concerts rules are based on the wishes of the individual artists and by previous experience when the artist or festival was here before and there were problems. You should not the rules for the performing arts( ballet, symphony opera) may differ from rock, country, pop concerts. Often the best idea is to call 281-363-3300 on the day of the concert to double check the rules for that show

Most concert rules are based on commons sense and safety.  You want all people attending the concerts to enjoy themselves without disruptive behavior like throwing people or things or having their views of the stage obstructed. Dancing on the chairs or in the aisles is not allowed.

Restrictions with electronics come directly from the artists as they hold on to the rights to their own music.

Expect to be searched as you enter any Cynthia Woods Pavilion concert and once you are in you need to stay in.

Buzzfest has its own set of rules  See below
  • Children
    • LAWN: 5 and under free when accompanied by adult with a ticket
    • RESERVED: Under 3 free 3 and older must buy a ticket and sit in a seat
      SPECIAL CHILDREN'S SHOWS:  Age 2 + older need a ticket for Reserved and Lawn
    • NO: Strollers
    • NO: Portable playpens on the Lawn
  • Food and Drink
    • YES: 1 gallon plastic bag of food for personal use at contemporary, no number limit for performing arts.
    • YES: Concession stands on the property
    • NO: Tailgating in the parking lot
    • NO: Beverages allowed to be brought in
    • YES: Empty water bottle with no lid. You can fill it up at water fountains on the grounds.
  • Containers
    • May-BE: Purses, backpacks may be allowed with inspection  with some exceptions.
    • NO: You may not leave them at the information booth.
    • YES: Bath Towels to sit on in the Lawn
    • NO: Blankets for concerts with a history of misusing them
  • Electronics
    • NO: Photography at  Performing Arts Houston Symphony, Ballet or Opera
    • YES: Cameras, every day regular ones without flash or take apart lenses at contemporary concerts
    • NO: Audio recording ever
    • NO: Video recording ever
    • NO: Laptops, tablets, Kindles etc
    • NO: Laser pointers or pend
    • NO: Portable TV or Radio
    • NO: Selfie Sticks
  • Accessories
    • PROBABLY NOT: Umbrellas decision based on past history. Best to bring ponchos or raincoats
    • YES: Lawn Chairs that THEY provide for a fee at contemporary and free at performing arts. This assures they are low enough not to block views.
    • NO: Smoking in reserved area
    • YES Smoking in Lawn and concession area
    • NO: Weapons
    • NO: Fireworks
    • NO:  Aerosol can bug spray. 
    • YES: Pump Bug Spray and Wipes
    • NO: Animals
    • NO: Balloons
    • NO: Signs
  • BUZZFEST RULES:  and probably most all day Festivals
    • NO:blankets, tarps, towels, umbrellas, or lawn chairs. 
    • NO  food or beverages 
    • NO Bottles of any kind 
    • NO: Purses, backpacks, or bags larger than an 8.5" x 11"
    • NO: professional (detachable lens) cameras, video or audio recording devices. 
    • NO: chains, spikes, mace, binoculars or laser pointers.
    • NO weapons. 
    • NO: signs.
    • NO: RE-ENTRY.
Cynthia Woods Pavilion Concert Schedule

You can start looking for the Cynthia Woods Mitchell calendar to start filling up in January with new acts added all the time. The Performing Arts Ballet Opera and Symphony will be listed by April at the latest. Expect about seven Symphony concerts and one ballet and opera each summer. They will be lite fair or fan favorites. The rest of the contemporary shows are pretty much set by March or April but new tours will be added as the season opens for some of the late summer and fall dates.

You will find concerts schedule each Thursday through Saturday from mid April to the end of October. With mid-week concerts thrown in here and there, mainly in the summer months once school is out.

Many of the top high profile acts touring this summer will join the by Cynthia Woods Pavilion concert schedule this summer, including an outstanding mixture of performing arts, rock, country and pop stars and of course Festivals. You may have noticed the current trend of two or three headliners combing forces to tour together. This makes for two-fer for the fans, and the artists enjoy the collaborations and the cost saving it involves. Others still follow the traditional concert format with one headliner and several opening support act introducing newer younger up and coming artist to the masses.

We have the updated Cynthia Woods Mitchell concert schedule here

Photo credit: Ernest_G / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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